Why Airbnb is giving Indian honeymooners an ‘A’ on their honeymoon package

Airbnb is offering honeymoon honeymoon buyers an “A” rating in their packages.

The website of the popular online travel agency announced the new ratings on its website, saying that the ratings are based on feedback from “hundreds of honeymoon couples” who were given the packages.

In a statement to Business Insider, Airbnb said the ratings were based on a review of packages and a review by its travel partners, including hotels, airbnb.com, and other services.

The website said the company does not have the data to validate the ratings.

The company is also providing new packages to Indian honeymoons that are offered through Airbnb for $5,000 or less.

In the statement, Airbnb’s chief operating officer, Paul Chou, said that the company is using its “unbiased and objective” ratings system to determine the value of the package.

Airbnb said that its reviewers, including the reviewers for the Honeymoon Package Ratings, also have the same bias.

Honeymoon packages are one of the most popular travel packages on Airbnb.

The platform allows customers to book and book-on-demand accommodation in hundreds of cities around the world.

The ratings were announced as part of Airbnb’s $5 million annual investment in Honeymoon Partners, an Indian-led startup that works with hundreds of hotel, travel, and leisure services to help consumers get the best deals on holiday packages.

Huge companies like Airbnb are facing increasing competition from services like Uber and Lyft, which are cheaper and more convenient.

In the US, Airbnb has faced accusations of favoring its own services over those of rival companies.

Airbnb’s ratings system is an extension of the company’s travel ratings system, which it started in 2015 to give users a “better experience” and give them more control over how they use their travel services.

The Honeymoon Ratings are part of an initiative Airbnb is pushing to give consumers more control in their travel experiences.

Airbnb’s platform is built around user-generated content, which has allowed the platform to become one of Silicon Valley’s most popular tourist destinations.

Airbnb has seen a huge spike in business since the election of President Donald Trump, which some analysts say could lead to an influx of tourists in the US.

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