Why a hotel in Australia costs more than the average honeymoon costs

It’s easy to compare hotels across the world.

But what about comparing a honeymoon to the typical one?

That’s what the Australian Hotel & Resort Association has done.

In its annual report, the association says that hotels in Australia are cheaper for most people than those in other countries.

In the report, which covers the year 2016, hotels in the United States and Australia were both significantly cheaper than those across the globe, with average prices per night ranging from $1,700 in the US to $2,400 in Australia.

“There is no real difference in the price of a hotel for a two-night stay at a Sydney hotel to a $1 million Sydney hotel,” the association wrote in its annual statement.

“The average price per night in Australia for a Sydney-based hotel is $1.60 million.”

The Australian Hotel Association says that most people would not be able to afford the cost of a two night stay at one of these hotels.

However, there are still some people who have difficulty finding hotel rooms in Australia that are close to their home base, and who would be able or willing to pay for one of those two nights.

The association estimates that about one in 10 hotel rooms is a two week stay in the country.

It’s not the cheapest hotel in the worldThe average hotel in Sydney is only slightly more expensive than the price in some of the other cities, the Association says.

“The average cost per night at a hotel across the country in the 12 months to December 2017 was $2.30 million,” it wrote.

“While there is no doubt that Sydney is the most expensive city in the developed world, the average cost of living for a one-night hotel stay in Australia was lower in the year to December 2016 than the previous year.”

In contrast, the cost in Sydney was about $2 million in 2018.

Australia’s average hotel price per person is about $6,000The average Sydney hotel price is about the same as the price that most countries in the European Union are paying for their hotels.

The European Union’s average price of living was €1,873 in 2018, according to data from the data company Euromonitor International.

That is about half of the price the average Australian would pay in Australia if they stayed at a one week hotel.

It may not be cheap, but there are some places where the average hotel is cheaper than the rest of the worldIn some places, like Europe, Australia’s average cost for a hotel is less than half the average price in other developed countries.

The average European hotel price for a single night is about 1,000 eurosIn Denmark, the country with the lowest average cost in the EU, the city of Copenhagen, the price is around 2,000, the lowest in the whole EU.

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