Which honeymoon spots are best for honeymooners?

More than 50 per cent of the Australian population is likely to spend more than one night at a honeymoon destination in 2019, with many of the most popular destinations expected to see an increase in visitors as more people travel to the country.

Key points:The number of Australians travelling to Europe or the United States has nearly tripled since the start of the financial crisisThe honeymoon market is expected to boom as more Australians return to AustraliaThe average cost of a honey-and-bacon wedding in 2019 is $1,097The number one honeymoon spot in Australia is Sydney’s Sydney Opera House with guests spending $1.2 billion in 2019It’s estimated more than half of Australians will spend more time at a holiday destination in the coming years as the economy picks up, but a new survey shows a number of honeymoon-related destinations could see an increased number of visitors.

Key Points:The Australian Bureau of Statistics said more than 50.3 per cent will spend at least one night in Europe or America in 2019The average honeymoon cost in Australia in 2019 was $1.,097, which is almost double the average cost in the United Kingdom, according to the ABS data.

Key:The ABS said honeymoon hotspots are set to boom with the number of people expected to visit them expected to reach 40.5 million in 2019.

The bureau said Australians travelling overseas will spend an average of $1 million more than Australians travelling in their home country.

In the United State, the average honeymoons cost is estimated to be $1 billion, with the median honeymoon costing $1m.

The cost of honeymoon in Europe is expected be $2.5 billion in 2020, with Australia ranked number three.

Australia’s honeymoon boom will be driven by people returning home and families returning to Australia after spending holidays abroad.

“Honeymoons are a great opportunity to spend the holidays with loved ones and to see your family for the first time,” the ABS said.

“People will return to their families and homes to enjoy some good times and memories, while also making new friends.”AAP/ABC

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