Which honeymoon spot is the best?

A trip to the Great Barrier Reef, the Northern Territory and the South Australian bushland has been dubbed the honeymoon bridge of the world.

Key points:The Northern Territory has the highest number of beachside locations with more than 50 locationsA visit to the Northern Territories beaches is the most popular destination for beachgoers and surfers in AustraliaThe Queensland and WA coastlines have the highest numbers of beachhead locationsThe Sunshine Coast, the Western and the Northern Rivers have more beachside areas than any other place in AustraliaAccording to the Lonely Planet guidebook, the best beaches in the world are located in Australia.

“There’s a lot of beaches in Australia, but it’s not a big geographical area, so the places that are the most well known are really great,” Queensland tourism director Tim Haines said.

“It’s the Sunshine Coast.

The beaches in New South Wales are pretty amazing and you don’t want to get too far from them.”

The Southern Rivers are a really nice area but they’re not the biggest beaches there.

“Mr HainES said the Sunshine coast and the northern rivers were two of the most important beachheads in the country.”

But if you’re just looking for a little beach to sit on, you can get away with just about anything.””

There are a lot more beaches there than in Queensland.”

But if you’re just looking for a little beach to sit on, you can get away with just about anything.

“For the most part, you’ve got to take it on the chin.”

The Queensland government has recently been working to promote the Sunshine and the Great Basin regions as destinations.

“We’ve worked hard to get a good balance of things going in those regions, so we’ve got some really beautiful beaches in some really lovely areas,” Queensland Tourism Minister Rob Stokes said.

Mr Hains said it was hard to pinpoint exactly where the Sunshine was.

“I’m not sure we know exactly where it is,” he added.

“That’s what’s so exciting about Queensland, there’s so many great beaches, it’s really just a matter of where you go.”

Mr Stokes was keen to stress that there were plenty of options for the visitor to choose from.

“In Queensland, we’ve had a number of different sites come up and we’re looking at those sites now and we’ll see how it goes,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“They’re all pretty beautiful, we just need to look out for a bit of sand, a bit more shade and the water and then we’ll get there.”

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