Which Canadian team is best suited to host a honeymoon?

Canada’s top two honeymoon destinations have been on the hunt for the best honeymoon accommodations.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Toronto’s city centre is the hub of the province, and its beaches are home to some of the best hotels in the world.

There’s a reason why it’s also home to the country’s largest honeymoon resort.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, USA: Vancouver’s main beachfront is also a hive of activity, with lots of people and lots of hotels, and Vancouver has long hosted several international and international-class wedding receptions.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada : The French Riviera is famous for its nightlife and many of the city’s top hotels are located here, as are some of its best museums and theatres.


New York, New York City, USA : New York is also the city with the most hotels and resorts in the country, and has the world’s largest number of international-style homes for weddings.


San Francisco, California, USA, Canada/USA: While some cities have the best beaches and best hotels, most have very few.

That’s not to say the Bay Area isn’t a destination for honeymooners: It is, but the city is also home of the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge and the country is the home of some of Canada’s best hotels.


Sydney, Australia: While Sydney is home to one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Australian capital, its beaches and hotels are also the focus of many a long-distance honeymoon.


Melbourne, Australia, Australia/USA : The country’s capital is home not only to one the world, but also to one (or more) of the worlds best hotels and beachfronts.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Melbourne Park are just two of the many iconic landmarks of the area.


Tokyo, Japan: Japan is famous worldwide for its beaches, and Tokyo is known for having some of Japan’s best beaches.

But its most famous attractions are not the ones that tourists visit: They are the Tokyo Tower and the Tokyo Skytree, two UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Amsterdam is famous not only for its vibrant nightlife, but for being one of Europe’s most popular destinations for weddings and other big events.

The city’s main attractions are the famous Pijp Market, the historic St. Peter’s Cathedral and the historic Old Town, where many of its hotels and residences have been renovated for international visitors.


Barcelona, Spain: The country is known worldwide for being home to Barcelona’s most famous cultural and tourist attractions.

The famous Las Ramblas is one of its most popular tourist attractions, while the city of Barcelona also has a very active music scene, with many acts performing regularly at the famous Plaza de España.


Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Japan, Japan : Located in Tokyo, Tokyo is one the most popular cities in Japan, with a busy nightlife that includes bars, clubs, clubs and even an outdoor market.

The Tokyo Metropolitan area is one among the most developed in the city, with major landmarks like the Saitama Sunken Skyline and Shinjuku Station as well as popular shopping areas, including Tokyo Tower.


San Diego, California: San Diego is the country with the best beachfront resorts, hotels and restaurants, and San Diego has one of South America’s best tourist attractions as well.


Vancouver Island, Canada (Vancouver Island): Vancouver is known as one of Canada ‘s most famous cities for its famous Vancouver Art Gallery and the world famous Chinatown.

Vancouver is also famous for having the world ‘s largest concentration of Chinese immigrants.


London, England: Known as the “capital of Europe,” London is the most important city in the UK and the home to many international and domestic holidays, as well major landmarks, like the City Hall and the Houses of Parliament.


New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (NOLA): New Orleans is a New Orleans-sized city, but it has its own charms, including the Jazz Museum, The Stairway to Heaven and the Crescent City Fair.


Madrid, Spain (Madrid): The capital of Spain is the second largest city in Europe and home to a number of European institutions, including its biggest museums and cultural centres.

It also hosts many international cultural events and is a destination in its own right.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro): Rio de, Brazil is the biggest city in Brazil and home of many major international events and venues, as also some of Europe ‘s best beaches, most famous museums and some of South Africa ‘s biggest shopping malls.


Barcelona , Spain (Barcelona): Barcelona is one-third of Spain, but is also known for its

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