Which Are the Best Honeymoon Travel Deals?

Here are our top picks for honeymoon travel packages in the US, including some of the best options for local honeymooners. 

Here are some of our favorite honeymoon destination honeymoon package deals, and which are the best ones in each category. 

Read more about our picks:Florida: The Florida Honeymoon Package: The Florida honeymoon program offers discounts for the whole family on its honeymoon and a trip to Disney World. 

Honeymoon packages range from $300-$800, with an average price of $1,800 per person per night. 

The price is also on par with other honeymoon honeymoon resorts in Florida. 

In addition to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, the state’s other major tourist attraction, there are a number of other major attractions and entertainment attractions. 

Some of the Florida resorts include Disney Springs, Disney Springs Resort, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and Walt Disney World Resort. 

Disneyland: The Disney World honeymoon trip is an exclusive package and requires reservations for a specific date and time. 

A honeymoon stay can be booked on the website, and you can reserve a room at the Disney World Hotel. 

If you book a room, you can stay with your honeymoon partner for two nights. 

When you book your Disney World hotel room, a Disney Rewards credit is automatically applied to your Disney Rewards account, so if you spend $1 on a Disney resort room, that credit will be credited to your Walt Disney Rewards. 

You can also book a package at Disneyworld hotels that include dining reservations. 

Florida: The Bahamas Honeymoon: The Bahamas honeymoon experience includes a Disney vacation to the Bahamas for two weeks. 

It starts with a Disney Magic Kingdom cruise, a family vacation at the Magic Kingdom Lodge and Gardens, a night in the Bahamas Beach Club, a day in the Magic World, and a day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. 

After a day on the Magic Island, you will be able to explore the island’s beaches and beacheside parks. 

 The Caribbean: The Caribbean Honeymoon Experience: There are several Caribbean honeymoon options, including the Marriott Caribbean Honey, which includes a Caribbean vacation for two to three weeks, and the Guadeloupe Caribbean Honey. 

Guadaloupe has the best rates for a honeymoon cruise, with the cheapest option costing $749 per night, which comes out to $1.80 per person. 

This Caribbean honeymoonsite is one of the more popular options, with some resort guests preferring to stay in their own suites. 

Bora Bora Honeymoon packages are $1-2,500 per person for the entire Caribbean. 

Marquee Resorts in the United States offers a $2,400 package, which is only available on Saturdays, and can be reserved online, with rates ranging from $1 to $2 per night per person depending on the resort. 

More information can be found at marqueeresorts.com.

Bahamas: Bahamas Honeymoon package: A package is a one-night vacation, usually with a two-day stay, that costs $1 million. 

Bahama’s official honeymoon website includes an option to book a three-night package, so you can have the whole package for two months. 

There is also an option for a two day package, for $1M per person, which can be paid by credit card. 

Resorts and hotels in the region include Disney World’s Magic Islands, DisneyWorld Resort, Animal Kingdom Resort, the Magic Circle, and Animal Kingdom Beach Club. 

Monica’s Honeymoon in the Dominican Republic: Monicas Honeymoon is a package with a stay of at least two months, with a resort rate of $2.2M per night for three nights, including a complimentary champagne reception, as well as a breakfast buffet. 

Cuba: The Havana Honeymoon, also known as the Havana Honey, is a two month honeymoon. 

For a package, you’ll need to reserve a reservation at least 90 days in advance and pay $1 for the first three nights.

The package includes a hotel room and breakfast buffet, which are both free for the duration of the honeymoon period. 

Vacations at the Cuban Riviera and other Caribbean resorts include a three month honeymoon at the Grand Marais, and one of two days at the Caribbean Beach Club in Havana. 

Jamaica: Jamaica Honeymoon : Jamasica offers three month packages at an average rate of about $2 million per person and three nights at the Jamaica Beach Club for an average of $3,000 per person on average. 

Prices range from the low end to high end. 

Walt Disney World: Wally Disney World Honeymoon offers a three months honeymoon for a single person

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