When Honeymooners ‘Honeymooners’ season two premieres July 21, 2019, we’ve got a great deal to share!

A special announcement trailer for Honeymooning’s season two premiere has been released, and it features a scene that will air on the show sometime in 2019.

The trailer features a new character named “Honeymon,” who is introduced in the season two pilot episode, “The Day I Met the Man Who Is Not.”

The clip shows Honeymon waking up in his hotel room and noticing his own reflection in a mirror.

He then realizes that he’s not his real self, but a copy of his former self.

The clip also shows Honeymooner and her friends in a motel room, discussing the events of the season one finale.

The narrator explains that Honeymon was brought back from the dead after being possessed by the mysterious “Hobbit” (played by Michaela Showers) and has been living in a “dream world” since then.

“He’s never really left,” the narrator says, before the narrator asks the viewer to watch the episode in the hopes of finding “the truth” about the mysterious figure.

“I have a lot of questions about him,” the viewer says.

“Why didn’t he leave?”

The narrator then goes on to ask if there is a way for the viewer or anyone else to get in touch with the Hobbits.

The Hobbits have returned to haunt Honeymon, but his friends have no idea who or what the Hobbit is.

In the episode, the narrator describes how they have a plan to stop the Hobgoblins from interfering with Honeymon’s life.

They also point out that the Hobbin is the “man who is not” and that he “wasn’t even a man.”

HoneyMon is able to track down Hobbin’s real identity after his ghostly presence is detected, but he is unsuccessful in finding him.

When he wakes up in the hotel room, he finds his reflection staring back at him.

“That’s me!” he exclaims.


The narrator then introduces another new character, “Himself,” who has been kidnapped by Hobbin.

“There’s no one else like me,” the Hobbian says.

He is then able to locate the Hobbi and rescue him.

“I think this episode has the potential to do a lot for the franchise,” says series co-creator Matt Gourley.

“It’s a very ambitious story that has been told over the course of the last decade, and that’s exactly what we’re going for with this season.”

Hobbits return and new facesIn the episode “The Hobbi’s Revenge,” Honeymon encounters another new face in a dream world: the disembodied voice of a former lover.

In his dream world, Honeymon meets “The One,” a man who has an evil purpose.

“This is the Hobbins,” the voice tells Honeymon.

“We will kill you,” the hobbit says.

Honeymon and his friends, meanwhile, meet a new face.

“The one who killed me,” Honeyman says.

“You’re the one who’s supposed to kill me,” “The Two,” “the Hobbs,” and “Harmony” all say in unison.

“You killed me, and now you’re here, but you’re not the one.

You’re not what I thought you were,” “Hook” says.

After their confrontation with the “Hobo,” HoneyMon wakes up to find that he has become the Hobbie, and his ghost has taken over his body.

“How long until you wake up?” he asks his friend.

“One week,” “Gum” replies.

“A week,” and so on.

The episode concludes with a scene where Honeymon asks for his former lover’s forgiveness.

“My mistake,” he tells her.

“And your mistake,” she responds.

The season two finale of Honeymoon is slated to air July 21 on Hulu.

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