When honeymoon photo goes viral, photographer loses job

A photo of a honeymoon wedding from a couple in Hawaii was widely shared on social media this week, sparking outrage from a man who claimed he had been cheated.

A photo on Instagram, showing two couples enjoying their honeymoon, has been viewed more than 17 million times since it was taken on February 2.

The caption of the photo read: “Just a few more days till the honeymoon is over and I need to go home.”

“The couple were celebrating their honeymoons and were enjoying themselves,” the caption read.

“One was a beautiful blonde woman and the other was a short blond lady with a big smile.”

The caption included the hashtags #golden, #honeymoon, #wedding, and #family.

But when the photo was posted to Instagram on Tuesday, the photo’s creators claimed it was “taken by mistake” and they had been misled.

“My husband and I both worked as photographers and were very happy to get married at a beautiful Hawaii wedding,” one caption read, adding that he had taken the photo at the end of their honeyboarding trip.

“The wedding was lovely, but the photographers were taking too many photos with the bride and the groom,” another caption read before adding, “I am extremely disappointed and feel cheated.”

“We have tried contacting the photographer and have offered to give him our names, photos, and credit for the photo,” a third caption read in response to a question from The Washington Post about whether the photographer had been duped.

“We are waiting to hear back from them to see if we will get a refund,” one of the couples added.

The Instagram photo was shared more than a million times within a day of being posted, with more than 14,000 people sharing it.

The couple said they were devastated by the incident and had decided to leave the country in the near future.

They posted a message on their Facebook page Tuesday, in which they said they would return to Hawaii with their two children in a few weeks.

They also wrote that they would not “resign ourselves” and that they had received “good advice” from their attorney.

“Our hearts go out to all of the other couples who have been cheated out of their wedding photos,” the couple wrote.

“I hope we will be able to get our refund for the wedding photos we took and the wedding ceremony we attended.”

“This was a horrible mistake that could have been avoided and our family will be getting the money we deserve,” one woman wrote.

Another added, “It’s heartbreaking to hear how this could happen.

We all know people who get cheated out in life.

This was an honest mistake and we were so sorry to our families for not taking the time to find a lawyer for us.”

“I do believe we can get our money back,” one commenter added.

“It was a very bad mistake and the photos could have easily been taken by mistake,” the woman added.

A representative for the photographer said he was unaware of the incident, but was working to get his account back.

“He is working to recover his account,” the representative told The Washington Times.

“They have been contacted by the agency who has told them that they should not be posting any wedding photos and to stop.

They are not allowed to post any wedding pictures, unless they are authorized by the groom.”

A spokeswoman for the agency, the wedding photographer’s agency, and the couple said the photographer has been told that the agency will not take a case.

The spokesperson added that the couple were not notified of the issue by the wedding agency and had contacted the photographer’s attorney.

According to the Post, the photographer is now working on an apology and refund.

“After speaking to my attorney, I’m sorry to everyone,” the bride wrote.

“[I] am extremely sorry for the way this happened and have asked that we all be treated equally.

We are sorry for having to go through this.”

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