What happens when you give a zombie honeypot to an entire town?

The next time you think you know the zombie honeytrap, think again.

The zombie honeydumps are a new phenomenon that has been bubbling in our collective consciousness since a viral video of a zombie popping out of a honeydump in a Florida town sparked a nationwide conversation about the potential for the new threat.

Zombie honeydubs are a little bit different than regular honeydolls, according to some experts, because the zombie can take on the appearance of a normal person.

But in addition to being creepy and bizarre, the honeydampers are actually an easy way to help the world feel better about a zombie outbreak.

Experts believe the phenomenon is a response to people being afraid of the undead, but they say it could also have some positive side effects, like helping to bring some comfort to people who have been in shock and despair.

“We have been working on the honeypot, and I think it’s a really powerful tool,” said Dr. Joseph Marra, an assistant professor of epidemiology and public health at the University of New Mexico.

I think people need to realize the people they’re talking to are not zombies.

They are people, and they’re all humans.

They’re human beings.

I think people can really get into that,” Marra told NBC News.

There’s no reason for a zombie to look like a normal human being.

They are just trying to make themselves look human, and that is the essence of the zombie, Marra said.

The zombie honeypots are not only a fun way to engage in community outreach, but the potential is so promising that they are getting attention from hospitals around the country.

A number of hospitals in the US have already made arrangements for patients to be put in these honeypots and have them put in a coffin and buried, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Even if people are uncomfortable in their own home, Marrakas hope the honeypots can help alleviate some of the fear people are feeling.

It’s just an opportunity to engage people in a meaningful way, he said.”

The best way to address the crisis in the United States is to do something positive,” he said, adding that the honeypods are “one of the most effective ways that we can do that.

“The idea is that the zombie will help people in the community by being less concerned about being the victim of a horrific zombie attack and more aware of how much the zombie has changed the people around them.

Many communities are starting to make arrangements for the honeybups to be placed in coffins, a process that has already been used in Haiti.

At least six countries have already begun accepting the new form of funerary service, according The Associated Press.

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