The honeymoon that never was

The honeymakers of St Lucia have been forced to admit they had to cancel their honeymoon to avoid a backlash from the Australian public.

The tourists were to have arrived in St Lucia on December 12, 2019, but had to be stopped by the authorities in the wake of the state’s Zika virus outbreak.

The honeymoon was due to take place at a luxury resort on the island’s famous Caribbean coastline.

However, the honeymakers’ plans were hit by a “credible and substantial threat” to their safety and their businesses, the Honeymoon Bachelors’ Association (BBA) said.

“This has not only resulted in the cancellation of the honey-moon, but has resulted in many people having lost their jobs,” the association’s president and founder, Marcella Devereaux, told ABC News.

“The BBA is not happy with the way this has all happened, but it is all part of the normal process of life in this country.”

We are still going to have to be honest about our situation, but the situation is not going to change, so it is not a major issue.

“It is important to note that this is a normal occurrence in the country, which is very rare.”‘

We are just doing our job’The BHA’s statement on the cancellation came as a shock to the group of four honeymoon couples who were due to fly to St Lucia, the Bahamas, on the same flight.

“In addition to the cancellation, the BBA has also been forced by law to take down their website and remove all social media links,” Ms Devereux said.

“We have been advised by the law enforcement authorities that we will have to cease all activities as a result of the threats we are facing.”

If we don’t take the decision to cancel our honeymoon, we are just going to continue doing our work.

“Ms Devereau said she was aware that the cancellation had sparked an international outcry, but that it had been a “very positive experience”.”

We had no plans to go to St. Lucia, we just wanted to go there because we thought it would be a fun vacation,” she said.

The BMA said it was taking legal action to ensure that the honeymaking industry was not targeted in a “hostile and reckless manner”.”

It has been clear to us that we are the victim of a criminal act and we have no other option but to take action,” Ms devereaux said.


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