Paris honeymooners celebrate in Paris with wine and a trip to the zoo

PARIS — Parisians on their honeymoon will have a glass of champagne on their desk as they head to the Parc d’Este zoo for a family reunion, but it’s the zoo that will be in the spotlight as they celebrate their honeymoons in Paris.

“We’re going to have the wine and the chocolate and some cheese, but we’re not going to go out to eat,” said Jules-Pierre Coudert, a 31-year-old French resident, on a Sunday evening in Paris’ ritzy Old Port.

Coudert’s partner, a 34-year old Canadian, is staying with him in a three-star hotel near the zoo, and they will be sharing the room with two other guests.

The zoo has a big zoo in a historic area, and Coudet said it’s an intimate environment for the couple.

This year, the couple are spending their honeydays at the zoo in Paris, and as they wait for their flight home, they’re enjoying a night out with friends in the Old Port, which has a large international population of tourists and locals.

They said they’ll be staying at a hostel in the city, where the hostel staff is friendly and accommodating.

The couple also plan to enjoy the zoo’s indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

While they’re on vacation, the two said they plan to visit a zoo in their home country of Canada.

They said they’d like to see more animals and go for a trip around the world with their two pets.

In addition to spending their time at the park, they plan on taking a tour of the zoo.

But, Coudere said, it’s not just the zoo they’re looking forward to seeing this year.

A couple of months ago, the zoo offered to make their honeymoments even more special by providing them with a special experience for their honeylovers.

For this year’s honeymoon, they will take a trip back to the park and see how they’ve adapted to their new surroundings.

With a few days off, Caudere and Coutre said they’ve planned a trip home and plan to do their honey mooney on Sunday.

He said that they’ll do the whole trip with the other couple and then they’ll get back to their honeymaking with the honeymooner and their honeybuns.

As the honeymovers head home from the zoo on Sunday, Coutere said they’re going for a hike to the riverbank to catch a fish and fish-out.

We’ll see how it goes and then we’ll go back,” he said.

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