How to plan your honeymoon in Paris: Paris honeymoon places

On a Monday morning in early June, my friend and I were chatting in our tiny room in a hotel in Paris.

We’d had a long, wonderful honeymoon and now that we were here, we wanted to spend a day exploring Paris.

So, we sat down on the sofa, placed our bags down on a chair and headed out for the most expensive Paris hotel in the world.

The room was big enough for about a dozen people and the view was breathtaking.

The hotel was owned by French luxury hotel chain, Yacht Club.

I don’t know how I missed it on my honeymoon.

But I do know that it’s a nice place to visit. 

Paris is a city of dreams, and Paris Hilton is a Parisian dream girl. 

On a recent morning in Paris, my wife and I went shopping for our honeymoon souvenirs, including our two bags of French pastries.

We walked the streets of the French capital, Paris, to the famous avenue de l’Est and then we walked along the Rue des Poids, the famous boulevard of Paris.

I noticed a new addition to the Paris area, Rue de la Bastille, which is now known as the Rue de l’-Est. 

At the end of Rue de La Bastille was a giant statue of a bull.

I didn’t know that this was a bull statue until I walked past it a few days later and I looked closely.

It was there, hanging from the ceiling of the Rue, and it was so majestic. 

In Paris, we found a lot of amazing places to have a fun day.

Here are some of the best places to visit on our honeymoons honeymoon:Paris has many amazing and memorable spots. 

The beautiful Place de la Bibliothèque nationale, built in 1815, is home to the world’s oldest book collection.

The National Library of Paris has some of Europe’s most amazing books and is also one of the city’s most famous bookstores. 

Béziers, the oldest neighborhood in Paris and the heart of the district, has an abundance of restaurants, cafés and bars.

The city’s famous Biblioteca di Bibliotheque is home of some of Paris’s most interesting collections. 

You can find great places to eat in Paris on your honeymoon honeymoon too.

The best places on our French honeymoon honeymoon to visit include:Bézlou, a popular cafe on Rue de Bois, is the home of the Parisian bistro, Bienvenue de la Bois.

It’s also known as “the best restaurant in Paris.”

The Château de la Chine, a former convent, is located in the old neighborhood of Bordeaux and has become a popular place for weddings and receptions.

Bienvenue du Monde is the place for the French cuisine, including some of their finest restaurants, bars and cafes.

The restaurant is very traditional, with a small dining room and traditional décor. 

Pignon, the city park on Rue des Bois is a popular area for walking and biking. 

Fashion and beauty brands like Chanel and Burberry have stores in the park, and you can buy a lot at the stores. 

Ducal Palace, a beautiful palace and fortress, is one of Paris’ most famous attractions.

You can also enjoy an afternoon tour of the palace.

The famous Opera House, which was built in the 17th century, has some great performances and performances by the likes of Richard Strauss, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Rachmaninoff, Ravi Shankar and Jean Cocteau. 

Cavalleria San Cristóbal, located in Montparnasse, is famous for its food and is one the most popular places to shop on our trip to Paris. 

Museums are often a popular spot on our Honeymoon honeymoones. 

One of the most famous museums in the city is the National Museum of Paris, which has an amazing collection of antiquities. 

Vue d’Auberge is a traditional restaurant in the Rue du Travail, where you can get a delicious meal with a view. 

Somewhere along the river, a huge riverboat is moored.

This is a favorite place for visitors to catch a glimpse of the sunset over the city. 

I love the views of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. 

If you’re planning on spending a day in Paris during your honeyloons honeymoone, you might want to visit some of these other great places: Médecins Sans Frontières, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of the people of the world through science and research, is dedicated to protecting and promoting human rights, including

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