The first few days after Hurricane Harvey were not pleasant for honeymooners.

The water level in many hotels, including those in Honolulu, fell below the normal level, and some hotels had to close.

But the weather has improved, and honeymoon season is back and the weather is now forecast to be mild for the foreseeable future.

 Honeymooners in Honolulu say they are looking forward to enjoying their honeymoon.

“It’s a little bit easier than last year,” said Anna Kwan, who booked a trip to New York City with her husband.

“But there is still some damage.”

While the hotel damage has been repaired, the hotel pool has not been cleared, which is causing a problem for the hotel’s guests.

Honeyboomers in Japan say that while it is a new experience, the weather in Japan has been improving for the past few weeks, and they are hopeful for a new honeymoon next year.

“We’re looking forward [to] the first couple months after [the hurricane],” said Atsushi Matsumoto, a honeymooner from Tokyo.

This summer, Japanese tourists have spent $1.3 billion in Japan.

Japan’s tourism industry is expected to see an estimated $500 million in economic impact in 2017.

In Japan, the honeymoon period lasts about three months, with the couple choosing a destination based on the weather and the amount of time they can get there.

For this honeymoon, Kwan decided to visit Hawaii, where she was planning on spending a week.

Kwan said that when she and her husband first started planning their honeymoons, they wanted to spend the first few months on the island of Oahu.

The hotel pool was only about a foot high, but they decided to go ahead with it because the hotel had recently installed a new pool for its guests.

Honeymoons in Japan are typically for two to four weeks, but for this honeymoon, Kuan was expecting to spend about two months.

She said she was not expecting to be in the hotel for a couple of weeks, because she didn’t have much money left over.

The pool has since been cleared and the hotel is looking forward a warm spring.

While Japan has seen a lot of damage in the past two weeks, the tourism industry has been doing well.

A survey from Japan’s Tourism Agency in February said the economy is expected for a 2.4% increase in 2020 compared to 2020.

Japan’s economy was expected to expand by 1.4 percent in 2020.

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