Hawaii honeymoon package is on sale for $2,700

Hawaii is offering a honeymoon honeymoon Package for $1,842.98 and includes the following amenities: * A three-night stay on the islands of Oahu, Maui, and Molokai * Two nights of sightseeing on Oahu * Two stays in Molokau, Mauii, and Kailua * Two weekends at Molokais and two weekends at Oahu (and one extra night for a day trip on Maui) * Two packages of two-night accommodations in Moloka and Kealakehula, plus additional travel and entertainment options including Hawaiian art museums and museums of Hawaii’s Pacific islands.

The package also includes an annual Hawaii State Parks membership, which can be purchased in a special event package.

The Hawaii State Park Service says that if you are traveling with your family or other members, you can buy the package at any of the four locations listed below: * Hawaii State Library * Molokae State Park * Moloka National Historical Park * Oahu’s Kahala National Park * Kauai’s Big Island The Hawaii Tourism Authority says that a one-night package with two people can be booked online or at one of the state parks and resorts in the Maui area.

The packages are priced at $2.25, which is about half of what a hotel room would cost.

Here’s how the Hawaii honey-moon packages are available.

Molokakua State Park Molokamaukua State park offers two packages for $844.50.

The Molokama package includes: * Two overnight stays on Molokainu Island (aka Molokana) * A one-week stay at Moloka Resort, where you can explore Molokua Island in the company of local and visiting locals * A two-week package of accommodation on Moloka, including: * An overnight stay in Molokoa (or one of four other accommodations available at Molokoai, Kailai, Kahala, and other Maui locations) * An annual Hawaii state park membership, as well as access to one of Molokapai’s museums * Two Hawaiian holidays: the Hawaiian New Year and the Hawaiian Spring Festival * Hawaii’s national park, Oahu National Park, and Kauai National Park.

Hawaii State Tourism Agency says that the Molokawa package also gives you access to a special tour of Moloka in May 2019, which will include the Hawaii State Museum, the Moloka Observatory, and the Molokoana Art Museum.

The Maui and Kahala Honeymoon packages The Hawaii Honeymoon package also comes with two nights in Maui.

The four-night Molokinai Resort stays are priced from $3,750 per night to $6,000 per night.

The price of the Molokei package is $1.25 per night for four people.

Hawaii is selling packages of honeymoon accommodations in Hawaii’s Hawaiian Islands.

The Kahala package includes three nights in Kahala Beach Resort, and two nights at Kahala Lodge, Kahalau, and Kahalapaa.

The prices are $4,500 per night and $6.50 per night, respectively.

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