A honeymoon trip to Australia could be a good idea for those with rhinotracheitis

RICHMOND, Australia — It was a perfect date: the warm sunshine, the warm beach, and the perfect view of the Great Barrier Reef.

But the night was quickly ruined when a honeymoon suite in Melbourne’s CBD was attacked by a rhinoceros.

The hotel’s manager, David Smith, was forced to escape from the building to get help.

“The rhinocentre bit my leg,” Mr Smith said.

“I was trying to escape through the back door when I was hit by the rhinoplasty.”

Mr Smith’s wife, Amanda, said the incident was one of many times she and her husband had had to fight to survive.

“We’ve had so many fights with rhinos, but nothing like this,” Ms Smith said, adding they had been on a tour of the country with a group of tourists.

“It’s terrifying to think that when we were leaving the hotel the rhino had already attacked the building.”

Rhinos are among Australia’s most venomous animals, with the Australian Capital Territory having one of the world’s highest counts.

A rhino can weigh more than 200 kilograms, with a bite being as long as 18 millimetres.

A female can have a maximum of seven calves, and a male can have up to five.

Rhinoceros attacks in Melbourne: What you need to know about rhinos in MelbourneThe Australian Zoo, the state’s largest zoo, says it is not known if any of the hotel guests were injured.

“This incident is not currently being treated as a rhino attack, but will be monitored,” a zoo spokesperson said.

A Queensland government spokesperson said the zoo is “reviewing all aspects of this incident to determine if any further action is required”.

“Queensland is a land of adventure and adventure animals and we’re always mindful of the importance of safety and protection of these iconic animals in the wild,” he said.

The zoo said in a statement it had taken the incident “very seriously”.

“It is a common occurrence for guests to come into the zoo and encounter a rhinos’ den during their stay,” it said.

“Our zoo staff are on alert to make sure that guests are well-protected during the stay.”

Australia has recorded more than 2,200 rhinos killed in the past year.

The first recorded attack occurred in 1873, when a bull elephant named Sir Thomas George, who had been killed in battle, attacked a farm.

In the 1980s, Australia recorded the first recorded death from a rhinal rhino, a man in Queensland, in 2003.

Another rhino has been found in a bush in Western Australia in the 1980, and was found dead in the same area in 2013.

“I think there’s an awful lot of people out there that don’t know what they’re getting into,” Ms Taylor said.

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